How Deer You?!

40cm x 50cm mixed media on wood. Work prepared for upcoming "THE 3RD ANNUAL EXPLORING THE NEW CONTEMPORARY ART MOVEMENT" Presented by Pow! Wow! Hawaii and Curated by Thinkspace from Los Angeles. Exhibition: Honolulu Museum of Art School. Opening on 7th February 2016.


Mural for Art Basel Miami in Wynwood 2015 in association with Urban Nation Berlin and Pangeaseed, photos by Nika Kramer

The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2015

Thanks to Graffiti Art Magazine for mention in the newest issue among many great artists!


Mural collaboration with Chazme718 for 'Trans Urban' festival dedicated to the issue of gentrification. Dortmund / Germany 2015


Mural collaboration with Chazme718 for 'Trans Urban' Festival dedicated to gentrification issue. Cologne / Germany 2015

Corest Fity

Collaboration with Chazme for Vilnius Street Art (LT), 2015


SEPE / CHAZME mural on University of Bielefeld (Germany) for '1,2,3 Hoch 2wei'2015

The Further You Go...

he Golden Age Of Grotesque' London's solo show mural epilogue titled: "The Further You Go...",Warsaw 2015