Babilon Fabric

mural with Nawer, Cracow 2014,photo by Paweł Dziurzyński and Bartłomiej Senkowski

Museum Of Modern Art in Warsaw

Collaboration between Chazme,Nawer,Theos and Sepe / 4x 2m 2m canvas, mixed media 2014

Mayday Mayday!

mural in Aalborg, Denmark. With Robert ' Tone' Proch, 2014
ith Robert ' Tone' Proch, 2014

Lost Pilgrims

mixed media on 21cm x 30cm board //Works for 'Major Minority' Graffuturizm group show in San Francisco, 1AM gallery opening on 13.03.2014

Swim to freedom

Mural with Pener and in collaboration with 5 prisoners Bydgoszcz 2013